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Recruiting models tailored to your needs

Our team at The UpTeam Consultants is committed to delivering results and providing a positive hiring experience for

both our clients and candidates. We offer flexible options for your consideration.

Option #1: Subscription-Based Recruiting

This covers all positions requested by the client. This subscription model allows us to provide a dedicated recruiter and ongoing service, ensuring that your recruitment needs are met efficiently and effectively while continuing to build a pipeline of candidates for backfilling or additional openings.

Option #2: Direct Hire Placement Fee

The UpTeam Consultants will invoice the client separately for a placement fee equal to a percentage of a selected candidate's first-year annual salary, payable on the candidate's start date. Direct Hire percentages start at 20% and will be determined based on client needs and the hiring market for the role.

Option #3: Retainer Fee

A retainer fee is a type of upfront fee that clients pay to secure the services of a staffing agency. This fee is often used for specialized or executive-level searches, where the agency will dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to finding the right candidate. The retainer fee is usually paid up front, and the agency will provide a timeline and deliverables for the search. The benefit of a retainer fee is that it allows the recruiting firm to budget for advertising and other expenses associated with the candidate search.

Option #4: Hybrid Program

We can also discuss a hybrid proposal incorporating several models into one contract, which would possibly reduce the direct hire placement fee charged for any candidates.

Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages, and your UpTeam Consultant will meet with you to determine which model best suits your needs. For example, a recruiting subscription model may be more cost-effective for companies with ongoing hiring needs, while a retainer fee model may be more suitable for executive-level searches. A placement fee model may be suitable for clients who only need occasional hires and want to avoid paying a fixed fee.

At The UpTeam, we pride ourselves in having the ability to be flexible and adaptable to your business needs. To learn more about The UpTeam, visit our website and complete the Client Contact Form. We’ll contact you to set a time for brainstorming and planning toward your company’s success.


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